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for today's modern Salon & Spa businesses.

  • How well do you know your Salon & Spa?
  • How do you determine your most profitable services?
  • Should you hire more staff? Expand your business?
  • Are you overspending on back-bar/professional products?

If you're like most Salon & Spa owners, you're tasked with not only being a service provider, but also with running the business, which often leads to sacrificing the attention the business needs, to experience continued growth.

Primary Target Media can help with professional Salon & Spa marketing services

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Salon & Spa Marketing | About us

Primary Target Media, a technology driven, Salon & Spa marketing company, focuses on creating/utilizing the latest tools and trends, to deliver effective solutions for your Salon & Spa.

Founded in 2002 by Joel Paterson, Primary Target Media has extensive experience in many facets of the Salon & Spa marketing industry, including spending analysis, productivity efficiency, profit growth, and client retention.

We understand that often times, the Salon & Spa owner also plays an integral role in providing services in the day-to-day operating of the business. This offers very little time, to wear the "business owner hat", to truly understand the inner-workings of their Salon & Spa.

For this reason, we have created a powerful, result-driven, Salon & Spa Marketing arm, to help you learn exactly where your Salon & Spa currently sits, and a clear direction path to growth... While also helping you sleep easier at night.


We offer a wide range of Salon & Spa marketing services, including our flagship Salon & Spa Suite. Whether you're looking to gain deep insights pertaining to the current performance of your Salon & Spa, or you simply need a new website, Primary Target Media can help. Trust our 14 years experience, in helping companies just like yours, achieve their marketing goals.

Salon & Spa Suite

Salon & Spa MarketingOur Salon & Spa Suite, is our flagship offering for the salon &spa marketing industry. From small hair salons and esthetics spas, to luxury resort spas, our Salon & Spa Suite combines the use of technology, marketing, and industry average spending, to help paint a picture of potential shortcomings inside your Salon or Spa. Learn where your company falls against industry averages in spending, product usage, and profits, and capitalize on proven techniques we've used, to help exponentially grow companies just like yours. Here's just a few of the things you'll discover.

  • Overall business check-up... A.K.A. the "Sleep Saver".
  • Potential over-spending on key business expenditures, and how to reduce them.
  • Professional/Back-bar usage, and continued tracking practices.
  • Sales & Profit per-sq-ft. Analysis
  • Increasing efficiency in your Professional/Back-bar and retail ordering.
  • Quick and easy tips on how to calculate key metrics, moving forward.
  • Labour resource management and utilization.

Web Design

Salon & Spa Web DesignWeb design is where got our start, and since then, we have completed over 325 custom web design projects for our clients, both inside and out of the Salon & Spa industry.

A professionally built website is one of the very first things we stress to our Salon & Spa clients, as it's the virtual cornerstone of your marketing efforts. Effectively funneling traffic to your website, demands that the website is top notch and functionally sound... anything else is simply a waste of online space.

Let our team of web design experts put together not only a Salon & Spa website that looks fantastic, but one that also drives traffic from search engines, and meets the needs of both existing and potential clients.

Email Marketing

Salon & Spa Email MarketingEmail Marketing has proven to be a tremendous opportunity for Salon & Spa companies, to effectively stay in touch with their clients between visits. From promoting in-salon specials, to adding value by offering hair or skin care tips, email marketing should be an integral part of your marketing mix.

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is much more than simply blasting out "mass email" campaigns to your customers. An effective email marketing solution for your Salon & Spa would also include appointment reminders, birthday wishes, and other "actionable" emails and drip campaigns.

Our experience working with the Salon & Spa industry has provided us with the ability to understand what-to-send, and when, to truly maximize your email marketing efforts.

Let us help you get started, contact us today!

Graphic Design/Print

Salon & Spa PrintingBusiness cards, Brochures/Pricing Menus, Gift Certificates and other promotional material are vital to every Salon & Spa. Elegantly designed, and professionally printed material should be at the top of your list of necessities.

At Primary Target Media, our team of graphic designers can help design eye-catching and functional print material for you Salon & Spa, to help you stand out. Once that's completed, our affordable printing services can ensure that the end-result is exactly as it was intended.

Stop overpaying for your printing, or worse yet, using the the "cheap" online print companies, whose products are painfully inferior... Start taking your brand seriously, and contact us today!


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