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Salon & Spa Owners

If you're like most salon & spa owners, your passion is found in beauty, not in the numbers. However, these numbers are vital to the success of your business.

Our innovative new Salon & Spa Suite provides you with everything you need to know, about the "business" side of your salon & spa. Through the use of "industry average" spending metrics, and proven "key performance indicators", our service helps paint a clear picture of your salon & spa.

Entering just a few common expenses and sales figures allows us to show you exactly how your salon & spa is performing, and provide easy-to-implement strategies to help grow your business today!

For over a decade, we've helped provide salon & spa owners just like you, the ability to focus on their passion, rather than the nerdy numbers.

Grow your Business, with these answers:

  • Am I spending too much on monthly expenses? What do other Salon & Spa companies spend?
  • Which of my services are most profitable?
  • Which services are draining my resources?
  • How can I properly measure "Professional/Back-bar" usage? I feel we may have a "waste" problem.
  • Which "numbers" are most important in my day-to-day business?

Are You Overspending? Give it a Try!

Our sophisticated system compares your spending vs "industry averages" across 12 common salon & spa expense categories.

Give it a try below, and you'll quickly see how powerful our Salon & Spa suite can be. When you know where spending can improve, you're on your way to increasing profits!

Estimated "Overspending" on Rent each Month
based on Industry Average

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